It's Christmas

And the Fairy Godmother said "Cinders, you shall go to the Christmas Ball, but you must be home by midnight"
"That's alright" replied Cinderella "That's loads of time to get completely cabbaged"
"Hmm" said the Fairy Godmother "You do know about all about alcoholic units don't you?"
"'Course I do", said Cinderella "One drink equals one unit, right?"
"Oh dear." said the Fairy Godmother. Perhaps you better look at the Christmas Special."

Alcohol and drinking - current daily guidelines for sensible drinking
14 units per week for both Men and Women. Refraining on one day should not mean excess on another. If you are pregnant or think you could become pregnant, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all.... [More]

Carbon monoxide poisoning
Students should be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning which still claims the lives of up to 50 people per year and injures four times this number. Some people are left with permanent neurological damage. Diagnosis can be difficult, as symptoms are vague and indistinct. They include.... [More]

Meningitis - commonly asked questions
What are the symptoms to watch for, with meningitis? How common is the organism that causes meningitis? What causes some people to become very ill from this organism?... [More]

Merry Christmas Santa?
Around 3.8 million children in the UK hope Santa will visit this year. With an average of 1.8 children per household that's over 2 million homes for Santa to visit. Most of these homes will leave a glass of brandy or sherry and a mince pie on the mantelpiece for Santa.... [More]

Migraine is an intense headache which is usually one-sided, throbbing, or pulsating in nature and is commonly associated with nausea, vomiting and a dislike of light and sound. It can be preceded by an aura, which usually consists of some visual disturbance. This can include bilateral flashing lights, tunnel vision or black spots throughout the visual fields. There can be other neurological symptoms including numbness of the face, lips, arms and legs, usually one-sided and there can be disturbance of speech and sometimes weakness of one side of the body... [More]

Pulling Crackers
Feeling lucky this Christmas? Got enough mistletoe to snog Canada? Rehearsed your favourite chat-up lines - "can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?". Then all you need to know is how to put a condom on... [More]

Santa’s reflux oesophagitis
After a long night on the town (and country), Santa noticed a burning sensation in the upper abdomen and in the middle of the chest, sometimes up to his throat. It got worse after his evening meal and after bending down and lifting all those presents.... [More]

Santa's Vaccinations
T'was the night before Christmas and Santa was checking his route - Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia...then it hit him. "Oh bugger", he said to Rudolph "I'm going to all these countries and I haven't had me jabs". "... [More]




Health Events for December 2023


1 - 31 Decembeard
1 World AIDS Day
3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
1 - 7 Crohns And Colitis Awareness Week
10 Human Rights Day


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