Epilepsy is the commonest condition affecting the nervous system across all ages. 1 in 200 adults have the illness and 1 in 100 children.

Fits or seizures are caused by abnormal activity in the brain and there are many different causes and different presentations of epilepsy. Medication is often necessary to suppress this abnormal activity. It is possible to remain fit free and well for long periods.

Most sufferers are not allowed to drive for obvious reasons and are advised not to undertake any form of dangerous activity on their own. Some people can identify triggers for their seizures such as excess alcohol, lack of sleep, strobe lighting.

The National Society for Epilepsy
Chesham Lane
Chalfont St Peter
Bucks SL9 0RJ
Tel 01494 601300
National helpline 01494 601400 Mon-Fri to 4pm

Further information

Epilepsy Action

The National Society for Epilepsy

This article published on
28 January 2005

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