Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

Hair loss is an issue of concern for both male and female individuals who may be unsure of the cause of baldness as a young and active person in his or her prime years. Hair loss may occur in every individual but it becomes a concern when the number of hair they lose increases in a way that it creates balding areas or receding hairlines. The causes of hair loss is not a puzzle as medical science has highlighted hormonal disorder, genetic and hereditary issues, nutritional deficiency and emotional stress as things capable of triggering hair loss in different people. Thankfully, although hair transplant cost differs from country to country, the treatment for hair loss is available to anyone.

Causes of Hair Loss
Medically, there a wide range of causes of hair loss such as genetic and hereditary reasons, hormonal actions, nutritional deficiency and emotional distress and much more. The causes are explained below.

  1. Genetic and Hereditary
    This is a majorly called Androgenetic Alopecia and it affects both male and female from young ages of just after puberty even to old people after menopause occurs.
  2. Hormonal Changes
    The changes in the level of various body hormone in the body may be a cause of hair loss. Loss of hair due to hormonal changes is especially observed in pregnant women and those that have gone through menopause.
  3. Nutritional Deficiency
    The loss of hair in some people may be caused as a result of eating food and recipes that are lacking in necessary protein, vitamin and iron. The lack of these nutrients can cause shedding of hair from the head gradually.

  4. Emotional Stress
    Experiencing significant stress has a lot of negative effect on the body. One of the most common outcomes is hair loss. Negative feelings that are coming from a shock caused by bad news or coming from a long term emotional condition may be all that is needed to trigger a hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment
A lot of individuals contend with the self-esteem problems and discomfort of having to live with hair loss issues despite the availability of proven treatment and cure. This is because most are simply not aware of the fact that there is a solution to their problem, or they are afraid of hair loss treatment costs.
Fortunately, all kinds of hair loss can be treated albeit with various kinds of methods. Some are using drugs while others require hair transplant which can be conducted in any qualified hospital or medical health centre.

It is time to be free from having to suffer hair loss embarrassment. You can consider medical tourism, travelling abroad to have your hair transplant procedure at well-equipped hospitals. The hospital charges much less than what hospitals in Europe or US charge and still offer the same standard of services. Avail yourself the opportunity of travelling to have the transplant done while you also get to see other beautiful places in other countries.


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07 February 2020

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