Three Reasons Why a Water Cooler is Essential to Your Health

Many of us may be aware that receiving the proper nutrition is key to keeping alert in class and maintaining good grades, but very few are aware that water consumption also plays a crucial role in the scholastic environment. Having ready access to a water cooler or fountain can help maintain alertness, improve our thought processes and help bolster our health during grueling study sessions. So, let us have a brief look at the three main advantages that the proper intake of water provides.

Water Can Help Prevent Many Common Ailments
Although many of us may not realise it, an adequate consumption of water can drastically lessen the incidences and severity of a wide variety of aggravating medical conditions. One of the fundamental areas that should be addressed here are regions of the body that may be prone to chronic pain during studying such as the lower back. Proper hydration can prevent cramping and reduce tension. Also, many doctors now believe that painful conditions such as migraines may be caused in part by an electrolytic imbalance due to an insufficient amount of water. The effects that water can have in treating these and various other conditions can be further examined on this webpage.

Disease Prevention
Let us not forget that consuming adequate amounts of water can help fight off common maladies such as colds, coughs and sore throats that are known to plague students and interfere with classroom learning. Water acts as the transport mechanism which safely and effectively helps expel toxins that can cause these transient illnesses from the body, thus resulting in better overall health and even a more efficient metabolism.

Clarity of Thought
This benefit is perhaps the least well-known, as many individuals may not think that water plays an active role in our consciousness. On the contrary, our brains are comprised of up to 85% water and when they are deprived of even a small amount, profound imbalances can occur. The brain tissue itself will literally shrink; this is the reason that one of the first signs of dehydration is a headache. Even in less severe cases, improper hydration can lead to lower levels of concentration and mental lethargy. Avoiding these conditions is key when attending university.

Therefore, it is abundantly clear to see why access to clean and fresh drinking water is essential to help maintain a balanced lifestyle. So, next time you pass a water cooler on the way to to class or while contemplating a cup of coffee, think again about the many reasons why water truly is the elixir of life.


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