Look after your precious bits!

Sex is normal, sex is fun, most of us want to do it, some more than others and most people have more than one partner in their lifetime.

Whatever it is you want to do, remember that sex can have its dangers so let us remind you of some fairly simple measures you can take to ensure sex continues to be fun while limiting any risk to your health.

NUMBER ONE: USE A CONDOM. Even if the girls among you opt to use another form of contraception, get into the habit of using a condom as well. It protects your health and keeps those precious bits happy, healthy and spot-free.

NUMBER TWO: BE AWARE of when you might get carried away and be tempted not to put a condom on. Getting high on booze or drugs tends to dampen the will to protect yourself, so if you know you like to get a bit merry, think about the evening beforehand.

NUMBER THREE: GET A CHECK UP if you are worried you may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection, go to your local department of genitourinary medicine. Look on www.playingsafely.co.uk for your local clinic. No-one is going to judge you and early treatment can be very effective. Some wise people now think to go and get a sexual health MOT, particularly if they are changing partners. It shows you care about yourself and your partner.

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This article published on
08 February 2006

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