Jock Rash (Jock itch)

Jock Rash (Jock itch) is a form of intertrigo (a rash that occurs in body folds), jock rash being specific to the groin. Affected skin is reddened and uncomfortable.

Body folds (flexures) are prone to inflammatory rashes because of increased moisture, being relatively slightly warmer than other body areas, and friction from movement of adjacent skin resulting in chaffing. This increases susceptibility to infection by bacteria and yeasts, which may be normally resident on the skin.

Investigation is usually unnecessary, but occasionally a skin scrape to check for yeasts and fungi or a swab for bacteria may be needed, particularly if the condition isnít responding to treatment.

Treatment involves keeping the area dry, wear loose fitting underclothes and shorts when possible. Dry yourself thoroughly after washing, however vigorous rubbing with a towel may make things worse, so dab the area or even use a hair dryer. Other treatment depends on the underlying cause, if identified. Usually this will involve an antifungal cream, occasionally hydrocortisone may need to be added to reduce inflammation (hydrocortisone or other steroid creams should not be used on their own for treating this condition without consulting a physician because they may make things worse). If bacterial infection is suspected antibiotic cream or tablets may be needed.

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This article published on
08 February 2006

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