Accidental loss of teeth

If you have sustained any significant blow to the teeth or jaws, it is advisable to see a dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth has been knocked out, it is possible to save it, if you act swiftly.

  • Pick the tooth up by the crown (the rounded end). Do not touch the root.
  • Get the person to whom the tooth belongs to suck it clean.
  • Working gently and carefully, reposition the tooth into the socket (the hole from where the tooth came). If this is not possible, store the tooth in a cup of milk, or under the patient's tongue.
  • Hold in place by gently biting on a clean cloth (handkerchief or soft cotton), or hold in place with finger pressure.
  • Get to a dentist straightaway.

    DO NOT
    Store the tooth in a rough or dry place.                          

    DO NOT Use antiseptic or disinfectant.


This can be very successful, so give it a try if the situation arises.

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This article published on
08 February 2006

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