Itchy Bottom (Pruritus Ani)

This is a common problem and refers to itching around the anus. The skin in this area is sensitive and is regularly exposed to irritating digestive products in the stool.

  • Keep the anal area clean by washing after defecation.
  • Avoid medicated soaps which may cause sensitisation.
  • Dry the anal area by gentle dabbing rather than rigorous rubbing. Don't use lavatory paper - use moist tissues normally used for babies' bottoms.
  • Use only specifically prescribed ointments as some keep the skin moist and may be allergenic.
  • Donít use talcum powder as this can cause further irritation. It tends to form moist lumps.
  • Avoid impervious underwear such as acrylic and nylon garments which may trap sweat.
  • Maintain a regular bowel movement and avoid highly seasoned and spiced foods.
  • Wear cotton gloves at night to reduce the damage from subconscious scratching.
  • Keep an eye out for thread worms which are like threads of cotton about 6mm long (they move). You can get treatment from the chemist for these.

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This article published on
26 January 2006

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