Inverted nipples

These are nipples which turn inwards. Provided they have always been inverted they are not a problem. Breast feeding is possible although you and the baby may need to be patient and to put a bit more effort into it.

They can be corrected by suction pumps. They can also be surgically treated.

If your nipple suddenly becomes inverted, it is essential that you seek medical advice as it could be a sign of breast cancer. Other worrying signs that should make you seek medical advice are

  • a rash on the nipple, particularly if it is one-sided
  • discharge from the nipple, particularly if it is one-sided and if it contains blood.
  • any new lump
  • other skin changes such as dimpling or retraction of the skin
  • breast abscess if you are not breast feeding.

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This article published on
26 January 2006

Next review date 1/1/2013


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