When to stop smoking?

When is the best time to stop smoking? Probably a daft question, because obviously everybody’s different!

You could try giving up on:

  • January 1st
  • National No-Smoking Day
  • During the your University health week if you have one
  • You could give up smoking for Lent
  • Or Ramadan
  • How about your next birthday?
What is the same for everyone is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE or TOO EARLY!
Best never to start, of course, but if you hadn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway.
You could argue that University isn’t the best time to stop because you have so many opportunities to smoke, so much available time, but that’s one of the reasons you should seriously consider it; many a ‘social smoker’ has evolved into a 20-a-day habitual smoker through boredom and spare time, and ended up working in catering or call centres to pay for it! Cigarettes these days take serious money; 10 a day costs over £15 a week, that’s £785 for 3 years at Uni; what else could you spend that on ? Fun-stuff, holidays and CD’s, not the rent!
As soon as you stop smoking, your health begins to improve, and you reduce the risk of contracting the smoking-related diseases. Everyone’s heard of lung cancer and smoking, but did you know that men who smoke are much more likely to become impotent, and that women ( YOUNG women) can develop cervical and vulval cancers as a result of fags? (Not mentioned in the glamorous life-style ads!)
Quitting makes you feel physically and mentally sharper; more oxygen gets to your brain, you won’t gasp for breath on the way up to the student bar and you‘ll be justifiably proud of yourself.
You will also look and feel more attractive once you quit: your skin, hair, mouth and gums benefit as they spend less time in smoke. Think of ‘kippers’: fresh, moist fish turned dry, yellow and wrinkly by smoking: your skin feels the same!
It’s never been a better time to quit smoking, as there is now a wide range of therapies to help you, many available on prescription (FREE to under 19’s and those of you with exemption certificates!)
Find out if your Health Centre has a Smoking Cessation Specialist nurse available for extra support and advice.
If you’d rather explore the info on-line check out: www.quitnet.org www.tobacco.org www.nosmokingday.org.uk

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This article published on
26 January 2006

Next review date 1/1/2013


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