Athlete's Foot

This is caused by a fungus growing between your toes (most commonly the 4th and 5th), or on the sole of your foot. It makes the skin itchy and scaly, and can turn the skin sore and red. The skin scales carry the infection so it can be picked up anywhere you might walk with bare feet.

To treat it you can get some Canesten, Daktarin or Lamisil cream from the chemist. This should be put on at least twice daily, and continued for 1wk after the rash has cleared up. You should expect to use it for 2-4 weeks.

Fungi like to grow in warm moist areas, follow the measures listed below and you can do a lot to cure the problem and prevent recurrence.

  • Wash your feet regularly with soap and water. Be meticulous about drying, especially between the toes. To ensure they are dry you could use an anti-fungal talcum powder, but remember that this will not cure any infection already present.
  • Wear a clean pair of socks every day. Choose cotton instead of nylon.
  • If possible do not wear the same pair of shoes every day, give them a rest and an airing, especially if your feet sweat a lot. Try to choose footwear that breathe. Only wear trainers for sports.
  • Use a separate towel and bathmat at home, and wash your hands well after applying creams to your feet.

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01 July 2005

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