Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) Causes: Your foot arch is supported by strong fibrous tissue, which starts at the front of the foot and attaches to your heel bone. This tissue has to support the foot and stretches every time you put your foot down. Using your foot too much in various sports involving running and jumping causes aching and pain in the sole of the foot. This injury is more common in athletes running on hard surfaces wearing shoes that cushion the foot inadequately. It is also common in non-athletes with flat feet and sometimes with bad posture. Symptoms: Aching, pain and tenderness of the sole of the foot close to the heel bone. It gets gradually worse and simple walking is painful. It can feel worse first thing in the morning. Treatment: Rest. Arch support. Anti-inflammatory drugs (always check with pharmacist or a doctor that you can take this medication). These can be in the form of tablets or cream/gel. If these simple measures fail, physiotherapy or assessment by a foot specialist (podiatrist) may be helpful. In persistent cases it is occasionally necessary to inject the tender spot with a steroid. If you feel that your foot pain is not responding to rest and the simple measures described above, please see your doctor or a practice nurse.

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04 December 2005

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