Valentine's Special

Sweaty bodies thrusting rhythmically, their hands wandering all over each other feeling for sensitive, responsive parts. Hugging, grappling in the throws of a magnificent clinch that that seems to last forever. Then, then, then...the ref blows,  the scrum's dropped again, it's a penalty kick and...Yeeessss, we* take the lead in the Six Nations.
   Phew, after all that excitement you might want to settle down for a nice cuddle and a cup of tea with your loved one.
You might also want to check that he or she is astrologically compatible.
*insert your team name here

Carbon monoxide poisoning
Students should be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning which still claims the lives of up to 50 people per year and injures four times this number. Some people are left with permanent neurological damage. Diagnosis can be difficult, as symptoms are vague and indistinct. They include.... [More]

Chilblains develop as a reaction to the cold in susceptible individuals. They present as itchy, painful red/purple swellings in the skin. They occur most commonly on the extremities; fingers, toes, nose and earlobes can be affected... [More]

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK. With the number of infected continuing to rise Chlamydia is fast becoming an epidemic, especially in the under 25s. In 2009 88% of women and 69% of men diagnosed were under 25... [More]

Frostbite is a cold-related injury characterized by the freezing of tissue. It can result from prolonged exposure to moderate cold or brief exposure to extreme cold. Tissue injury is greatest when cooling is slow, cold exposure is prolonged, the rate of rewarming is slow, and, especially, when tissue is partially thawed and refreezes... [More]

Impotence-the facts
Students arenít impotent. Or are they? Impotence can be defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The condition is common, affecting 1:10 men over the age of 21. Whilst one of the commonest causes is age, it does affect young men too. One thing is for sure, if you start worrying about having an erection, the harder it is to achieve.... [More]

Raynaud's phenomenon
Fingers white, blue, red and painful in the cold? You could be suffering from Raynaud's phenomenon.... [More]

Sore throats, coughs, colds, sinusitis-What you can take to help:
Coughs, colds, sore throats, sinusitis and ear infections are nearly always caused by viral infections. You will make a full recovery on your own and increasingly the evidence shows that it is better for you to get better without antibiotics.... [More]

Travel advice for diabetics
The rise in long haul travel poses some difficulty for diabetics. Travelling across time zones means that your insulin requirements may change and you might need to take more care with your diet and fluid intake. The following tips should be of use... [More]


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National Blood Service - Do Something Amazing - Save a Life - Give Blood





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