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As there is no Wimbledon this year some of you may have been inspired to re-create your own tennis memories. So if things havenít gone quite as well as the professionals here are a few problems you may need help with.

Blue toe - Sport toenail injuries
Blue toe can be caused by toes constantly crashing into the end of sports shoes/boots during sports, especially if there are abrupt stops or constant pounding of the foot. It most commonly occurs in tennis, football, cricket and jogging. First and second toes are most often involved in football and tennis whilst jogging tends to affect the third, fourth or fifth toe... [More]

Foot strain and pain
Foot strain and pain can be caused by lots of standing, walking or running on hard surfaces in shoes with inadequate cushioning or in hard studded boots..... [More]

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
Using your foot too much in various sports involving running and jumping causes aching and pain in the sole of the foot. This injury is more common in athletes running on hard surfaces wearing shoes that cushion the foot inadequately.... [More]

Knee cartilage (meniscal) tears
The symptoms range from minimal aching to a painful, locking knee. There may be clicking and swelling. The knee can also give way in various positions and the range of movement of the joint may be limited.... [More]

Tennis leg (Calf strains)
Calf strain usually occurs after a sudden change of movement during sport (e.g. tennis), or tripping or treading awkwardly onto a step.
Symptoms and signs include sudden pain in the calf muscle above the Achilles tendon followed by an ache and pain on walking. Sometimes there may be significant bruising and some swelling.... [More]


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